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Types of Kicks - types of soccer kicks

Goal Kick: A kick in result of the ball leaving the field; Penalty Kick: A penalty kick falls into the category of direct free kick, enabling players to use it to score a goal; Direct Free Kick: The direct free kick is the kick given to a stationary soccer ball at the point of the foul

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The player leans sideways, throws his legs upward, and volleys the ball forward with a scissor-like motion as the kicking leg passes forward over the other leg. Not to be confused with the Bicycle...

Soccer Action Terms - A Basic Reference Guide

Advanced Soccer Action Terms. Banana Kick – a kick that curves such that it take the shape of a banana. This is usually attempted on a corner kick to curve the ball from the corner directly into the goal. Bicycle Kick – when a player kicks the ball in mid-air backwards and over their own head, usually making contact above waist level. Not too frequent at the youth level!

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Corner kick: When the ball travels out of bounds over either end line, the result is a free kick, either awarded to the defending team or the attacking team. When the ball travels across the end line and was last touched by a defender, the attacking team is awarded a free kick from the corner flag on the side of the goal that the ball traveled out of bounds on.

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Direct Kick: After a foul, a team is awarded a free kick, in most cases, a direct free kick. A direct kick can result in a goal; a player can use the kick to take a shot directly on the goal and ...

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Direct kick: A unguarded kick awarded following severe fouls, such as kicking, tripping, jumping at, charging, striking, pushing, holding or spitting at an opponent. When tackling an opponent, the player must first make contact with the ball or a direct kick results.

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Direct Free Kick: A free kick in which a goal may be scored by the player taking the free kick. Dribble: Keeping control of the ball while running. Dummy Run: A run by a player without the ball, to lure defenders away from the ball carrier. Far Post: The goalpost farthest from the ball.

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Free Kick: Kick awarded by a referee to a team whose opponent has broken a rule. Friendly: A purely recreational game, such as an exhibition or scrimmage. Front Header: To strike the ball in the air using the forehead. Front Tackle: A defender approaches an attacker head on with intent to kick the ball away from the attacker.