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i like basketball in chinese

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in the box basketball books ...

Complete the sentences with the words in the box basketball books chess films music photography skating swimmig

I'd like some rice ...

I'd like some rice and chicken for dinner 2. A cake is 5,000 đ3.

Basketball in China - Wikipedia

Basketball in China. Team China in Beijing Olympic Games.

I. Put the dialogue into the correct order. -Thanks. What else ...

What else do you do in your free time? - I like basketball, too.

Chinese Taipei return to their 2013 ...

Can Chinen return to their peak from back in Asia Cup 2013?

in Chinese: 还是(háishì) vs 或者(huòzhě)

Do you think the usage 还是(háishì) and 或者(huòzhě) in Chinese is mystifying?

Chinese relevant around the ...

As his nation's first (and still only) NBA star, Yao Ming made basketball relevant in China.