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Small Forward= All-rounder, rebounds, scores mid-range, secondary scorer. Power Forward= Rebounder, plays close to the basket, sets screen. Center= Biggest guy on the court, main rebounder and screen setter, plays extremely close to the basketball and defends the rim on defense.

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YoungHaytem. · 2y. basketball is basically positionless nowadays so just develop a big skillset. 1. level 1. dirtEdan. · 2y. Ideally you should be able to play almost all positions. This will make you the most dangerous to guard, most reliable to have on the team, and the coaches will love you.

What’s the most fun basketball position to watch ...

But my favorite thing to watch is the great player on an average team guys…. Not necessarily a position….. But yo, Wally szczerbiak, korver, steph curry, that Abmas kid, Jimmer, marshall Henderson. those guys are always the most fun to watch in college basketball

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PG - 6'0 - 6'3 175-190 lbs. SG - 6'4 - 6'6 195-215 lbs. SF - 6'7-6'9 225-240 lbs. PF - 6'10-7'0. C - 7'0 --. Player weight, strength & athleticism can definitely compensate for or compliment height. With the way the game is going today and how versatile players are, nothing's set in stone. 4.

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I'd adhere to using basketball reference as a consistent way of determining your main players' position. For quicl reference, on basketballreference.com LeBron James is listed as a PG, he's basically a point forward and he's playing the power forward position this year, who is the Laker's best big who could be a power forward?

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Dear Yahoo! If you're reading this, please make Bogdan Bogdanović guard eligible. He's a starting shooting guard for the Atlanta Hawks. Kind Regards (Seriously though, he was G,F last year and the year before if I'm not mistaken, but he never was, is nor will be a solemnly small forward/power forward, that's rather ridiculous.