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Jul 26, 2018

us soccer kit

 1. Register system: each unit is driven by independent servo motor, which guarantees high-accuracy register during high speed running; the machine is equipped with stationary image monitoring system which can realize vertical and horizontal registering with less labor cost;
 2. Stable printing pressure: rubber blanket cylinder is equipped with eccentric bearing having double-row tapered roller structure, which realizes reliable clutch operation and stable pressure; the forme cylinder and impression cylinder are equipped with tapered roller bearings, completely eliminating up-and-down movement caused by gap between bearings;
 3. High-strength cast iron base: the base guarantees stable and reliable printing; 
 4. Continuous alcohol dampening system with auxiliary bridge roller: the continuous alcohol dampening system with auxiliary bridge roller ensures that the printing products are colorful and clear.
 5. Positioning system: after inputting printing length at main console, each unit will automatically reach specified position, which reduces registering time and material waste;
 6. More optional devices: the machine can be configured with cold foiling unit, laminating unit, die-cutting unit, waste removal unit, slitting unit, sheet-cutting unit and stack collecting unit;

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